Our grantmaking principles

We believe in connecting donors and nonprofits who share similar values towards achieving their impact and partnership goals.

We target root causes and partner with donors for systemic change.

We understand that addressing complex, long-standing challenges requires the patience and combined efforts of many stakeholders. We encourage our donors to take a long-sighted, flexible approach to their giving.

We trust our partner organisations and celebrate their success.

Through our rigorous assessment process, we seek to understand the needs of our nonprofit partners so we can better support them to create impact.

We focus on root causes of complex and long-standing challenges.

We understand that each person and every family has a unique giving history, experience and goals. Our philanthropy advisors can help donors chart their philanthropic path forward as individuals and/or together as families.

We invest in organisational resilience.

We work with our nonprofit partners to strengthen their organisational capacity because we believe that stronger organisations will create greater and more sustainable change.